Goals For Education

 Transparency and Accountability

  • Open, clear, and concise communication.
  • Transparency; providing stakeholders with information they need to be informed about education and participate in education decisions to support our students
  • Engaging the community in conversation.  Listening to their voices. bringing these voices to education stakeholders and supporting them through advocacy.


  • School, home, and community working together to provide excellence in Catholic Education for our students 
  • Recognizing the importance of Parental involvement in education. 
  • Working with partners, municipalities, and government with the best interests in students in mind

 Inclusive Education

  • Providing every child with an opportunity to learn in a way that is meaningful to them.
  • Need to respect the diversity in our communities and support their unique needs in decision making.
  • Support for vulnerable students; recognizing the unique learning challenges of each child.
  • Innovation and self motivation are keys to future success.  We must provide opportunities for all students to achieve personal success, to understand what motivates them.

 Sustainable Funding

  • Predictable and sustainable funding to allow us to make informed decisions to support our students.
  •  Engaging teachers, parents, students and the school community in discussion is imperative in making sound funding decisions