Beliefs About Education

Students are our first priority. Every child deserves the opportunity for an education that prepares them to succeed in life.

Need to recognize and support the unique challenges of each school community.  Advocating for the supports and programs to give each child access to a learning environment in which they feel valued, safe, and have access to support for their success.

  • Advocate for education where children can learn in an environment where they can live and model their Catholic faith
  • An INCLUSIVE education for every child
    • Every child deserves the opportunity for an education that supports their needs and provides them with the tools to succeed in life.
    • Learning is different for every student.  
    • Need to create environments where students can learn and acquire a zest for lifelong learning. Inclusion for all students.
    • Recognize and support the unique challenges of students in diverse communities

  • Supporting the student, engaging them in learning and creating life long learners requires recognizing the individual.
  • Education is a collaboration between home, school, and community. 
    • working together we can accomplish great things for our students
    • everyone has a voice in education
  • All students deserve to go to school in a safe and caring environment. 
  • Education needs to provide youth with the opportunity to understand what it means to be a citizen guided in faith; understanding the importance of being involved and giving to others.